Art, Transformation and Climate Change

Creation and Spiritual Art

Spiritual art is not a static object, however beautiful or sublime, but a catalyst that awakens in the participant feelings, thoughts and inspirations leading to appreciation, creation or transformation. The natural world is creative and spiritual.

“Waiting to Die” Street Art

In June of 1993 I was in San Francisco to attend the “Object World” conference. That was a very exciting time for me, as the preceding fall I had formed my own company “Object Innovations” to create courseware on programming technologies, especially object-oriented ones such as C++. Here was a whole conference devoted to the subject! One of the speakers was Steve Jobs!

On my way to the Moscone Center where the conference was held, on the first day I came across a piece of street art showing a homeless man, with the legend “Waiting to Die”. That painting was a catalyst that awakened in me feelings that led to creation (a poem) and perhaps contributed to the ongoing transformation in my life.

Climate Change

I recently thought of that old poem of mine after I read an article “The Uninhabitable Earth” in which the author laid out a very dark picture of our planet’s future if we do not transform the present course we are on.  I have been deeply concerned about this issue and how we approach it from a spiritual perspective. That led to my writing “Hope and the Climate Crisis“, which I’ve put in a page on the MOFSA website.

I see a connecting thread between that street art that I saw many years ago and the ongoing process in me of opening to the universal mind and caring deeply about the good of all. I believe that art can play a vital role in the regeneration of humanity. I hope our foundation can play a part.

Bob Oberg
Founder, MOFSA